imageThis week I had a lovely surprise in the post off Cath Kidston advertising their new range of patterns and bags. The booklet may have been a bad idea to look at however since I am loving all the new designs and the bank balance isn’t particularly shouting ‘spend me’ right now 😦

Within the booklet there was a competition, which inspired me to write this post. The aim was pretty simple, to show the contents in your every day bag and whether you rather a (bag) #TotesBig or #TotesSmall and share it via twitter for Cath Kidston to judge. Every week until the end of September they are giving away your choice of tote! For me it was pretty simple choosing #TotesBig – Here is the contents in my bag 🙂


Pac a Mac – Typical welsh weather is never reliable and the majority of the time it will rain when your out and about!

Ipad – I travel a lot by train and I’m addicted to playing Candy Crush, oooops!

Book – I do sometimes read on my iPad although prefer a paperback in my hand whether travelling or in a coffee shop

Glasses – Im short sighted 😦

Notebook & Pen – As a designer I get inspired by my every day activities and tend to note things down to help me out with upcoming or current projects

Make-up Bag – In case my face isn’t up to scratch throughout the day

Hand Sanitizer – A must after Ive used the bathroom

Cotton Shopper – Bags cost 5p so its handy in case you ‘unexpected’ purchase something

Phone & Charger – Always an everyday essential plus my iPhone isn’t the best on battery -_-

Tangle Teezer – I have quite long hair and it isn’t the best to tame in bad weather conditions without my teezer!

Bobbles & clips – Again for the windy weather to get my hair out of my face

Lanyard – I normally have a lot hanging on my lanyard from my flat card key to my student ID to my house and car keys

Purse – My large purse never fits in a small bag but I find a larger purse is easier to find in my bag

Ohh and some chewing gum – don’t want smelly breath after a hot chocolate in a cafe or food

The pattern on my bag is ‘Kentish Rose’ 🙂



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